Literature is Our Own Story

Good writing tells a story. And a good story unites humanity together in one book.

Literary fiction writers are telling a part of their story. In the end, our story is all we have; whether it’s the story of our history, our town, or our own personal life, we connect with others through our experiences.

We want to read books that make us laugh and cry. We want to feel connected to the characters and see them through to the end. Literary fiction gives us the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than ourselves because it provides a deeper look at the human experience.

Reading literary fiction is like traveling to a foreign country—it offers a new perspective and challenges what we already know. We are invited to find purpose and new meaning.

We are inspired to climb a mountain or travel the world. We become excited about life again, and through reading about other people, we begin to let their experiences become ours. As we read, our interpretation creates a part of the character and experience.

Studies have proven that literary fiction actually gives people a greater ability to understand others’ mental states and become more empathetic.

We become more aware of other people, uniting us one book at a time.

Thanks to intern Holly Clark.

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