Announcing: Shane Norwood

Author Pic, -c- Ximena Sorondo Norwood

Shannon & Elm is pleased to announce the signing of Shane Norwood.

“A line in Ulysses reads ‘Only the sacred pint can unbind the tongue of Dedalus.’” Shane Norwood “firmly believes this, just as he believes that it would be foolish in the extreme to argue with James Joyce. For this reason he has dedicated himself to the diligent consumption of copious amounts of booze before sitting down to write, in an effort to emulate the great ones. How successful this experiment turns out to be remains to be seen, but in the meantime it can be safely said that Shane Norwood seriously enjoys his writing.”

Mr. Norwood is a prolific writer, with five books already planned in his new fiction series The Big Bamboo. He has written a magical realism short story (Looking for Mowgli) which was published last month by Max Avalon, and has a Western and an autobiography in the works.

Machine Gun Jelly, the first book in the Big Bamboo series, is likely what would have been borne had Austin Powers and Guy Ritchie had a threesome with Stephanie Plum. From the dark side of Vegas to the mystery of Vietnam, from the Cajun bayou to the Australian outback, Machine Gun Jelly takes readers to places they never thought they’d go.  At once laugh-out-loud funny and deeply poignant, it is filled with well-wrought dialogue and characters you’d want to have a beer with (well… most of them).

Some get what they want. Others get what they deserve. But nobody gets what they expected.

To introduce the author in his own words: “Shane is a devoted family man who keeps food on the tables by walking around in circles in Chile masquerading as a casino manager, and occasionally pretending to be Robert Mitchum.  Shane was born in a steel town in the north of England in 1955. Shane has five children. He is engaged in a breeding competition with his eldest daughter who is currently winning six to five. Although his soul knows it is English because of the larceny that lurks therein, the rest of him is no longer sure. One daughter is American, one is from Kenya, one son is from South Africa, two sons are from Chile, his wife is from Argentina, his horse is an Arab and his dog is Italian. At one time Shane was a fisherman in Hawaii. In his heart he still is.”

What else should we know about this author we will all come to read and love?

How do you write?

I don’t set out to compose the books, the books kind of write themselves. It is as if they are already there waiting to be set down on paper, and I am just a scribe who writes the words.

Who inspires you? 

In terms of writing, anyone who has ever written a book. Even if it was the worst book ever written. Even if it was the most egregious clichéd irredeemable crock of unmitigated shite from start to finish the fact is that the person did it. That they had the will to persevere and to set down the words that they thought were right. For every Vladimir Nabokov there is some poor schmo sitting in a dingy room wrestling with a clapped out typewriter sitting next to a wastepaper basket full of crumpled pieces of paper, struggling to produce his masterpiece that no one will ever read, and good for him. And somewhere else, in some draw somewhere, there is a manuscript containing words of such profound beauty as to stand with anything that was ever written, and for whatever reason it will remain forever in darkness like some flower that never grows, and somebody’s heart may be broken because of it, and good for them too.

What is a cherished memory from your life you’d like to share?

All my memories are cherished, even the bad ones. They are the story of our days that make us who we are. I remember getting a mail from Travis telling me he’d like to sign my work, and I’m going to cherish the shit out of that one let me tell you.

You can read the rest of Mr. Norwood’s interview in the Authors section of this website. When you’ve finished, you can discover some of the other wonderful authors Shannon & Elm has signed.

Keep an eye out for the official cover release, featuring art and design by the talented Tony Kuoch… then make sure to mark your calendar for Machine Gun Jelly, coming this April.

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