Announcing: Jeff Dondero


Shannon & Elm is pleased to announce the signing of Jeff Dondero.

The Energy Wise Home: Practical Tips for Sustainable Energy—Shannon & Elm’s first nonfiction work—is a timely look at the myriad ways we can conserve energy and live a greener life in and around our own homes. With its wells of well-dispensed information, The Energy Wise Home is a valuable resource for anyone looking to make a difference by living more sustainably—even one small difference at a time.

Jeff Dondero is a long-time resident of the San Francisco Bay area in California. He attended college in San Francisco, where he studied a customized major consisting of journalism, communications, broadcast arts, and English. One of his first gigs was as a stringer for the San Francisco Examiner, and he worked as a reporter for various suburban newspapers before becoming the entertainment editor for the Marin Independent Journal. He has written and edited many newspapers and magazines, and contributed to a local television station. After a stint with a publisher of trade magazines, he and his partner formed a company that furnishes editorial content and publishes a website for sustainable industries. When he is not writing, he enjoys sailing on the San Francisco Bay.

What else should we know about Mr. Dondero?

Why do you write?

Money would be a good answer, but I once told someone that although ditch digging was a lot like writing, the main difference was that ditch diggers made more money, and get better benefits and more recognition. Truth is I’m a masochist that feels compelled, and I can’t really do anything else, and I’m too chicken to write (according to Elmore Leonard) what can really bring in the big bucks—ransom or “this is a stick up” notes.

What do you have the most fun with during the creative process?

I love to do research, but sometimes it can be frustrating. The most fun is when you kind of upchuck all over several pages and you write some good stuff almost by accident—although it really isn’t.

What is a profound memory from the writing process for The Energy Wise Home?

What I learned about the process and the subject, and the monstrous amount of work it took. But I would not call it profound as in traumatic or an epiphany. Enjoyably exhausting, like after good sex.

You can read the rest of Dondero’s interview on his author page—and then check out some of Shannon & Elm’s other great authors!

Keep your eyes peeled for the cover reveal—coming soon—and then mark your calendars for The Energy Wise Home, coming this August from Shannon & Elm.

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