Announcing: William T. Delamar


Shannon & Elm is pleased to announce the signing of William T. Delamar and his historical novel, The Brother Voice.

They fight for their country, they fight for their beliefs, they fight for love. Sel and Hold Danner are identical twins who find themselves on opposite ends of the ideologies that divide the Union, and consequently find themselves on opposite ends of the battlefield.

The Danner twins, who can hear each other’s thoughts, have been inseparable their entire lives. So when the Civil War finally drives them apart, it does more than sever their past friendships and their familial ties—it severs the speechless connection they once had with each other.

Delamar deftly embodies the differing political opinions of the north and the south and grounds them in two soft-spoken young boys in rural, small-town America.

William T. Delamar is originally from Durham, North Carolina, where he grew up in a home full of books, which helped him develop a love for reading. In high school, he worked part time at the Duke University Press, further increasing his insatiability for books. He now resides in Melrose Park, Pennsylvania, in a century-old house with wall-to-wall books covering four floors. He is on the board of the Philadelphia Writers’ Conference, having served five times as president.

What else should we know about the redoubtable Mr. Delamar?

What do you write?

I write fiction primarily, because I believe more people read fiction than nonfiction. However, my fiction is based on reality. The Brother Voice was well researched, so the setting is accurate, down to the streets in Frederick, Maryland where the Battle of the Monocacy took place. Few people know about that significant battle. This battle delayed the Confederate march on Washington, giving the Union time to move back to protect the city.

How do you write?

In general, I get an idea for a story. I write down a short outline and a preliminary list of characters. This includes a few notes about each character. I post the outline, chapter by chapter, on a storyboard. I write from beginning to end on my computer, making changes to the story-board. I frequently revise. I do a lot of rewriting to get the story just right. Even then, I let it sit for awhile and then go through making revisions. My friends call me a perfectionist, but I feel the ring has to be just right to get the message across.

What is a cherished memory from your life you would like to share?

At a party in Pittsburgh, I was introduced to a girl. I made a negative comment about the marching band of the University of Pittsburgh. She didn’t like it and shoved her packages into my arms, then slapped me, and then took back her packages. I had never been that close to a woman before. I called her the next day and asked for a date. She said yes. A year and a half later, we were married.

You can read the rest of Delamar’s interview on his author page—and afterwards, check out some of Shannon & Elm’s other wonderful authors!

The cover art, created by Izaak Moody, will be revealed late this summer. Then be sure to mark your calendars for The Brother Voice, coming this October from Shannon & Elm.

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