Zip, Crack, Bam, Hurray! Happy Independence Day From All of Us at Zharmae

We here at The Zharmae Publishing Press realize that the act of reading is a pretty independent, often escapist, adventure meant to give the reader a brief reprieve from everyday life. Reading alone in your favorite spot while you’re whisked away on the pages of a great book is what the magic is all about, but this Independence Day we’re urging you to go out and have some fun with friends, family, and even complete strangers. That’s what we’ll be doing!

The Zharmae Publishing Press will be closing our office doors from Friday, July 4, through Monday, July 7, to celebrate the Independence Day holiday. While our offices are closed and we may not respond to inquiries, please don’t let that stop you from following us on Twitter and Facebook to receive any news and company updates.

Granted, we’re not usually in the business of telling you to put your books down, but the Fourth of July is a holiday that’s best enjoyed around the grill, soaking up the sun, cooling down in the water, and taking in the spectacle of an exceptional fireworks show. It’s pretty hard to do all that when your nose is buried deep in a book. So, just this once, we’re urging you to close the cover and go celebrate the holiday with some pizazz like so many others around the country!

According to the US Census, over 316 million people light a firework fuse, bite into a brat, or take a quick dip on the Fourth of July, which is a number that has exploded since the first celebration way back in 1776. Could you imagine each of those 316 million people shooting off fireworks at the same time? However implausible, that’s a light show we’d love to see.

How do you like to celebrate Independence Day? Do you, do your friends, or does your family have any whacky traditions for July 4th? We’d love to hear about your holiday happenings or crazy goings on, so reach out on our social media channels and let us know what you’re up to!

If the Fourth of July is your favorite day, here’s a handful of fun facts about the holiday to sink your teeth into while the grill is warming up:

  • July 4th also marks a day of independence for both the Philippines and Rwanda.
  • TIME called Independence Day the “biggest hotdog holiday of the year” with more than 155 million of them eaten in the 24-hour span.
  • Fries and dogs may be the feast of choice these days, but it’s rumored on the first Fourth that Founding Father John Adams munched down turtle soup, New England poached salmon and egg sauce, green peas, and potatoes followed by some Indian pudding.
  • Since it’s in such a fragile state, the Liberty Bell is lightly tapped 13 times instead of rung every year on July 4th.
  • July 4th, 2014 will be the 238th time Independence Day has been celebrated in the United States.

Go out and have a great time this Fourth of July, and if someone catches you turning a few pages when your stomach’s full or you’re waiting for fireworks to start, we promise not to hold it against you. We know how loudly those words can come calling!

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