The Dreaded Writer’s Block

It’s something we’ve all had to deal with: the dreaded writer’s block. The heavy-headed clonk against the wall of plot, story, and inventiveness. The rut. But the big question is: How do you get out of that ditch, once you’ve fallen into it? How do you get your words to start flowing again? Our Shannon & Elm authors weigh in:

Shane Norwood:

Drink copious amounts of Guinness. Actually I don’t get stuck very often. If I do encounter a dilemma I do what I do when I can’t remember a name or a word. I stop thinking about it, and when it’s ready the answer just materializes out of nowhere.

Dante Zúñiga-West:

Load up my Jeep and drive into the woods.

Garry Satherley:

Change the tense of the passage. Maybe shift from first-person to third or vice-versa. Give characters different names. Switch the point of view. You can always change things back later if necessary.

William T. Delamar:

Fortunately, this has rarely happens to me. I sometimes stop writing to research to make sure the setting is correct.

Gerald Beckman:

I seldom have that problem, but when I do, writing something preposterous will clear the pipes.

Jeff Dondero:

Attack at a different angle. But it rarely happens. When I get stuck it’s more like I don’t know what the hell I’m doing rather than constipation.

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