About Us

We seek unpublished writers with powerful voices who have something compelling to say. We seek to reinvent literary fiction, sometimes blurring the standard genre lines. We recognize it is the writing that lands a book in the lit-fiction category, even if the story centers on crime, religion, business, education, romance, war, or parenting. We seek writing that resonates universally in which the language itself elevates the reading experience.

Memoir – We seek lives worth displaying on the page written in economic, hard-hitting, compelling language. Such lives do not have to consist of celebrity or the stuff of hero worship. In fact, we will seek and publish well-written accounts of large lives lived in secret, the unsung hero, and reflections on life’s challenges, ordeals, watershed moments, difficult choices, of ordinary people placed in extraordinary situations, and we plan to publish teen memoir as well as those nearing the end of a life well-lived.

Non-Fiction – We plan to publish a large variety of non-fiction works including travel, expert self-help and advice, how-to books on a variety of projects and topics, political commentary by educated, professional yet unpublished voices and experienced authors, cookbooks, combinations of cookbooks, health advice, and memoir, life awareness, and unique treatments of real-life events.


The old store sits in the midst of a busy crossroads, making a statement and asserting its presence. Reflective non-fiction can surprise in its variety. Some memoirs are of places remembered. Subgenres include travel, ancestral, maternity, going home, professional and business, illness and recovery, reunion, adoptions and searches for biological parents, parenting, teaching and tutoring, rehabilitation, songwriting, and many others. We’re looking to create new subgenres and publish non-traditional reflections as well as traditional memoir of lives well-lived.

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