Meet the Staff

Sara Bangs


A born-and-bred Washingtonian, Sara studied creative writing, editing, teaching, and several languages at Western Washington University. She loves discovering great fiction (and also loves discovering typos)… so what better place could she come to than Zharmae?

It’s difficult to find a book she won’t enjoy… as long as the story is great and the editing is good! (Which, incidentally, is just what we are looking for here at Shannon & Elm.) If Sara’s not reading (which is rather rare), she can be found quilting, testing new recipes, and coaxing her plants to grow.

Email: [email protected]
Goodreads: Sara Bangs


Emmanuel Díaz

Associate Editor

Emmanuel Díaz was born in the San Francisco Bay Area to Mexican parents and didn’t learn English until starting school at age five. To expedite his learning, his mother would read to him in the evenings until she found herself nodding off whereupon he would pick up the book and finish it himself. Thus began his lifelong obsession with the art of storytelling.

Having lived in the Bay Area his whole life and only taken infrequent trips to visit family in Mexico, Emmanuel found himself wanting to see something other than the North American continent. He left for Western Europe to pursue a degree in Creative Writing and Literature at Franklin College, Switzerland. He has since returned home (a loose term, for he feels at home in many places), ready to begin a new era of his life.

Emmanuel’s literary tastes range from the culture-oriented García Márquez to the completely speculative Verne and everything about or in between. He is fond of writing that transports him to places never before seen or reimagined and he has a peculiar interest in metafiction, nonlinear, and first person narration.

[email protected]


Holly Clark

Associate Editor

More information about Holly Clark coming very soon!

Danielle Romero

Editor; Marketing Manager

Danielle Romero is Editor-in-Chief for The Zharmae Publishing Press and Illusio & Baqer. Born and raised in Redwood City, California, Danielle moved to Spokane to attend Eastern Washington University where she received her bachelors degree in English Literature and Communication Studies with a certificate in Leadership. Just like in school when she was unable to choose between English and Communication Studies (Marketing) Danielle works in both Zharmae’s Editorial and Marketing divisions.

Her current obsession is Paranormal Romance. She’s also a sucker for a book that can make her feel something. If an author can make her cry, laugh, and get that pit in my stomach feeling just by turning the page, then she’s a goner. She spends most of her free time reading, though she will tear herself away on occasion for a good episode of Scandal.

Email: [email protected]
Twitter: @DanielleCRomero


Additional Editorial Staff include

  • Michelle Reich
  • Amanda Souza

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